Ag Leader Technology

In 1992, Ag Leader Technology introduced the first precision farming yield monitor capable of gathering yield data "on the go." Since then, they have been a pioneer in developing and marketing user-friendly technology for the ag industry that not only works, but also helps add to your bottom line. In today's product lineup, you'll find the most complete, seamless precision technology package of any in the field - or the office. And, they will back it with the best customer support in the industry. Whether you are a precision-savvy pro or just starting to look into the benefits of precision farming, you won't find a better combination of products and service than you will with Ag Leader. Ag Leader's focus is helping you take precision farming to your bottom line. Please Click on one of the products for more information... Yield Monitors Light Bars/EZ-Steer Application Controlling SMS Software



Ag Leader offers complete field operations with the accuracy that fits your operation, increasing efficiency and reducing fatigue. Whether it's an assisted steering system or an integrated RTK system, we have something everyone's farming operation can benefit from. Please take an in-depth look at the products we have to offer.


Direct Command has simply revolutionized application. The unique AutoSwath application control system eliminates over application - saving input costs and improving environmental stewardship. DirectCommand offers complete control over liquid or granular applications, while at the same time logging data and providing real-time application mapping capabilities.

SMS Software

SMS is a great fit to assist in putting solid numbers with observations - Designed to be easy to use, works with multiple hardware solutions and provides detailed results. SMS can be used on its own, or in conjunction with a grower/consultant relationship with SMS Advanced to provide even more detailed results.


An Ag Leader display is the command center for precision farming from planting to harvest.