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SMS stands for Spatial Management System. "Spatial" comes from the root word "space". Farms are made of spaces that growers call fields. And, the management of those fields is an ongoing activity for every grower. The goal of SMS is to integrate all the spatial data collection as seamlessly as possible yet make the software easy to use. The software also manages data without GPS position data.

SMS Basic - Are You Looking For Simple?

Are you looking for software that doesn't require you to be a computer genius to use? Ag Leader's SMS Basic is exactly what you are looking for. Whether you are just getting your feet wet in precision farming or have been collecting data for years, SMS Basic has something for you.

SMS Basic has quickly become known as the most simple and easy-to-use software available today for managing, viewing, (including layering) printing and editing data. With features such as Spatial Sorting, Batch Processing, TerraServer Download, Device Setup Utility, and Split Planter Map Creation, SMS Basic combines ease-of-use with the power to get results from your precision farming data.

SMS Advanced - Power at Your Fingertips!

Have you been collecting year's worth of precision farming data? Are you looking for conclusions, recommendations, and answers out of this data? Then, Ag Leader Technology's SMS-Advanced is the tool you've been looking for!

SMS Advanced couples the tremendous ease of use of SMS Basic with power that will rival or exceed any software currently on the market. Features such as expanded Batch Processing, Project Schemes, and Integrated 3D Mapping, and powerful analysis functions including Attribute Comparisons, Equation Writing, Multi-Year Averaging, NDVI DataCreation, and Profit/Loss Mapping, SMS Advanced provides the tools to get results from your data. Such Innovation has never before been seen at such an economical price.

Free Trial CD's Available - A 30-day free trial CDROM of SMS-Basic and SMS-Advanced is available upon request.

SMS Mobile

SMS Mobile supports a number of in-field logging options. SMS Mobile provides a boundary mode for defining or editing your field boundaries. SMS Mobile also provides a general logging mode that allows the logging and editing of points, lines, or polygons which is useful for logging things like tile lines or management zones. SMS Mobile can also log coverage data in coverage mode for tracking field operations such as tillage or mowing. SMS Mobile will also feature a soil-sampling mode that will allow you to create and/or navigate to an area to pull soil samples.

 SMS Mobile has been developed from the ground up by Ag Leader Technology, and was designed to work seamlessly with SMS Basic and SMS Advanced desktop packages. Field names, field boundaries, backgrounds (Aerial photography, soil maps and yield maps) and many other items can be transferred from SMS desktop packages to SMS Mobile. This ensures efficient work out in the field and that accurate information is passed back to the desktop software. As with all Ag Leader products, SMS Mobile is backed by the industry's leading support team; which means one call for all your software and hardware questions.

The Mesa display is built for field use. It features a water-proof, impact resistant shell and a brilliant sunlight readable screen, It also features WIFI, Bluetooth and built in GPS and camera. The large 5.7 inch screen makes it easier to read, yet doesn't compromise its portability.  This isn't just a PDA, it's a digital notepad made for field work.