The OptRx crop sensor system measures and records data about a crop in real-time using the reflectance of light shined on the growing crop. Sensors can be mounted on virtually any type of vehicle to collect information while driving through the field. Information collected, including vegetative index, can then be utilized to measure the impact of nutrients, water, disease and other growing conditions on crops.



DirectCommand has simply revolutionized application. The unique AutoSwath application control system eliminates over application - saving input costs and improving environmental stewardship. DirectCommand offers complete control over liquid or granular applications, while at the same time logging data and providing real-time application mapping capabilities.




AutoSwath reduces over application and waste by automatically turning the applicator (liquid or granular) on/off based on the field map and already applied areas as it passes over the field. The system reduces input costs and increases application accuracy by minimizing skips and overlaps at end rows, fence rows, and along waterways.



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Rate Control

DirectCommand continuously controls, adjusts, and records field application based on manually entered target rates or by using rates from a variable rate prescription file. The system uses a flow meter signal and speed input from a radar gun or GPS receiver. The system can read up to three optional pressure sensors, eliminating the need to monitor pressure gauges outside the cab.


Variable Rate Application

By importing a prescription map from the desktop software, DirectCommand controls application rates of liquid and granular products automatically based on the field prescription. Variable rate application is available for spinner spreaders, self-propelled and pull-type sprayers and anhydrous applicators.


Data Logging

DirectCommand automatically records application activities, including applied areas, product volume, and more. This information can be easily downloaded into SMS software for analysis. Using this information can help accurately calculate input needs for the following year.


Prescription Maps

Using GPS, DirectCommand allows the variable rate application of single or multiple products. The system reads most common prescription files. Multiple product prescriptions can be viewed as either a single map showing all areas to be applied or as individual maps with one product each.


Spinner Spreaders

DirectCommand simplifies spreader control by controlling the conveyor and spinner speed in addition to monitoring the bin-level. The system reads ground speed and automatically adjusts product flow to match target application rate. DirectCommand control modules support PWM and motorized servo hydraulic control valves.



Real Life Benefits

  • Lower application costs by eliminating product waste caused by overlap.
  • Reduce skips due to forgetting to turn boom sections back on.
  • Lessen crop damage potential from over application.
  • Reduce operator fatigue.
  • Allows operator to monitor other functions.
  • Increased overall application accuracy.
  • Improves environmental stewardship.
  • Better decision making on products and rates.
  • Easier government reporting.


SeedCommand provides complete control over planting operations from seeding populations that vary based on planting prescriptions that vary based on planting prescriptions to an AutoSwath feature that automatically turns planter sections on/off based on your field map. Bottom Line- Lower seed costs during planting season and improve yield potential at harvest time.



AutoSwath for planters controls planter clutches to automatically turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already planted areas. Reduce overplanting and increase yield potential at the same time. Depending on field size and shape, customers' seed cost savings range from 3-12%.

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Hybrid/Variety Mapping

SeedCommand records planting operations in real-time, mapping the location of each hybrid/variety planted. Map and plan application events and view yield maps at harvest time for more accurate field observations.  



Variable Rate Planting

Control seed costs and improve yield potential across the entire field with variable rate planting. SeedCommand varies the seeding rate based on prescriptions maps to match seeding rates to soil potential. SeedCommand supports direct control of PWM and motorized servo hydraulic valves, as well as kinze and Rawson AccuRate hydraulic drives.


Planter Monitoring

SeedCommand offers complete planter monitoring functions to replace existing planter monitors. SeedCommand will monitor and log average population and seed spacing. A color bar graph and population display provide this information in real-time. Planter monitoring functionality is available for all major planter brands including KINZE, John Deere, White, and Case.


Split Planting

By programming the display for split planting, SeedCommand lets the operator record different hybrids/varieties in different sides of the planter. SeedCommand will track where each seed type is planted making it easy to compare and log side-by-side performance of each seed type at harvest time.



Real Life Benefits

  • Lower seed costs by eliminating double planting at end rows, point rows and around terraces.
  • Makes following the row at harvest easier on end/point rows.
  • Prevents yield loss due to lodging and nutrient competition in double-planted areas.
  • Improves planting productivity by eliminating the need to slow down to accurately raise/lower the planter at end rows.
  • Makes night planting easier by eliminating the need to watch for end rows.
  • Save insecticide on planters with granular boxes driven by the planter transmission.
  • Documents refuge acres for GMO crops.
  • Records valuable population information including total seeds planted and average seeds planted per acre.
  • Effortless population control without leaving the tractor seat.
  • Reduces cab clutter by replacing other monitors.

Advanced Seed Monitoring

Advanced Seed Monitoring through the SeedCommand system helps growers eliminate yield robbing planter problems by monitoring key factors, such as seed meter singulation, skips/doubles, spacing quality and population and spacing information.

  • Automatically determines and displays the rows operating at the highest and lowest levels of singulation and population
  • Virtual Seed Trench for a seed-by-seed view to assist in diagnosing problematic rows
  • Seed meter and placement details incorporated with SeedCommand's row shutoff and plater-drive modules on one screen.  



SureVac Electric Row Shutoff

Introducing the patent-pending SureVac electric row shutoff! This row-by-row control device provides growers an easily-installed, zero-maintenance solution to reduce seed costs and increase yield potential. Using GPS, the SeedCommand or compatible planter control system communicates with SureVac to turn planter sections on/off based on field maps and already-planted areas.

SureVac is designed for John Deere Pro-Series™ XP row units, but is also compatible with any John Deere vacuum seed meter manufactured within the last 20 years. Compatible seed disks include:

  • John Deere 30-cell corn seed disk
  • John Deere 40-cell corn seed disk
  • John Deere Soybean seed disk
  • Precision Planting eSet® vacuum disk


How Does it Work?

SureVac Stops seed flow by cutting off the vacuum at the top of the seed disk. Planting is stopped and seeds fall back into the seed meters seed pool. When the shutoff device is pulled away from the seed disk, vacuum is restored and planting continues as normal.

Key Features

  • Simple installation- Remove manufacture vacuum cover and replace with SureVac.
  • Electric Operation- Low Electrical demand (1/3 amp per shutoff), Easily supported by tractors standard electrical system.
  • Durable Design- Built to withstand tough field conditions. Maintenance Free


SureVac Setup

Planter sections can be controlled row-by-row, or in two-row sections. A SureVac device is required for each row unit you wish to control. SeedCommand will support up to 36 sections of shutoff control. Visit us for more information on specific planter set-up!