Data Analysis



Precision Profits Program

Precision Profits Program is an advanced farm record-keeping and data layering tool we built in house and is exclusive to our business. It helps customers better understand valuable knowledge from their GPS information by not only providing useful maps and reports form field operations, but also the ability to query a large database of crop production information and find relationships between yield and variables. 

VRT Prescriptions

One of the many benefits of precision farming is the ability to base management decisions on site-specific information, which leads to a more efficient and profitable operation. Variable rate technology is another way that precision farming can benefit an operations bottom line.

Yield Mapping

Millions of acres of yield data is recorded using a yield monitoring system every fall, and in many cases the data never gets converted into a useful format. At Precision Management, we can process data from any type of yield monitor and produce a useful set of maps and reports that gives you an overview of  the grain harvest for each year.