The new INTEGRA display is the full-featured, year-round hub of any precision farming operation. A large, full-color 12.1” HD touch screen display is easy to read and offers powerful, year-round precision farming tools. Mapping, planter and application control, yield monitoring, real-time data logging and more – can all be controlled from the cab using the INTEGRA display. The display also features four video camera inputs, providing operators a better view of equipment operation and safety by allowing them to view live video on the display. Bottom line: The INTEGRA display can help to reduce input costs and increase yield potential. 



Generate and View Field Maps        Manage Application                Variety Map Integration              Support for OnTrac2

  All of the most popular year-round precision tools - including guidance, auto-steering control, SeedCommand planting control, DirectCommand application control, yield monitoring and mapping - in one small package. The all-new VERSA display is built on INTEGRA's industry leading technology architecture - making it an ideal second display - or the economical hub of your precision farming operations.  


 Display Comparisons

SeedCommand Features INTEGRA VERSA
AutoSwath        x         x
Hybrid/Variety Logging                                                                                  x         x
Multiple Product Control        x         x
Variable Rate Planting        x         x
PWM, Servo Hydraulic Control Valves        x         x
Rawson AccuRate Direct Drive        x         x
Spilt-Planter Logging        x         x
Planter Population Monitoring        x  
Combination of SeedCommand and DirectCommand        x         x
Guidance        x         x
Autosteer        x         x
Advanced Seed Monitoring        x  
DirectCommand Features    
AutoSwath        x        x
Coverage Mapping        x        x
Data Logging        x        x
Single Product Application (Liquid or Granular)        x        x
Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular)        x        x
Variable Rate Control      Up to 5    Up to 3
Closed Loop Spinner Speed Control        x        x
Mark Drive        x        x
Smart Report        x  
Strip-Till        x        x
Chemical Injection        x        x
Boom Height Control        x        x
External Switchbox        x        x
OEM Switch Input Support        x        x
Guidance        x        x
Autosteer        x        x
Multiple Product Application (Liquid or Granular)        x        x
Variable Rate Control        x        x
Chemical Injection        x        x
OptRX Crop Sensors        x  
Harvest Features    
AutoSwath        x         x
Grain Harvest        x         x
Hybrid Background Map        x  
Harvest Variety Tracking        x  
Guidance        x         x
Autosteer        x         x
Load variety map from SMS        x  



The INSIGHT from Ag Leader features a 10.4-inch color touch screen display. Record all of your field activities – from planting to harvest. Command planter, sprayer, anhydrous or injection rate controllers and record applied rates throughout the season. Monitor yield and moisture at harvest and see your maps being generated in real-time. INSIGHT gives you the power to clearly see what's happening in your field, while you are still in it!


Seeing is Believing

INSIGHT’S color touch screen isn’t just for looks. Here are just a few of the features that can help you make more profitable decisions.

  • Generate color maps while planting and see the location of each hybrid or variety.
  • View target rate and color prescription maps with legend while generating real-time variable rate application maps.
  • Create and view color yield and moisture maps while harvesting and instantly observe how field conditions affect yield.
  • See a boundary map showing field perimeter in all field operations.
  • Zoom in/out and pan map to see points of interest.
  • Summary screen displays a complete data summary from the field


Use the Insight for Variety/Hybrid Mapping

The Insight display allows you to generate color maps of your planting operation while you are in the field. This allows you to see - in real time - the location of each variety/hybrid planted. It also records this information so that you use it for making application decisions. Plus knowing which varieties/hybrids yielded best in the fall can help you make better seed selection choices for next planting season.

Split Planting

Recording split planting operations is easy with the Insight display. Because you can program the Insight to record different varieties/Hybrids in different sides of the planter, you know exactly what you planted where, giving you valuable side-by-side yield information.

At harvest, move the Insight display to the combine and recall the planting maps from spring. The Insight display automatically switches to the correct Variety/Hybrid as you harvest. The Insight yield monitor automatically categorizes the yield according to which Variety/Hybrid you are harvesting. Comparing Variety/Hybrid yields after harvest has never been easier!

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