Ag Leader’s OnTrac2 system is the economical way to add assisted steering to tractors, combines, application rigs and more – without hooking into hydraulics. OnTrac2 reduces operator fatigue while improving pass-to-pass accuracy.

  • Quick, Easy "Lock-N-Roll" installation
  • Easily transfer between vehicles
  • Superior friction-design steering systems (eliminated slippage)
  • Easy to Engage/Disengage from display
  • Controlled using Edge or Integra Display
  • Quiet Operation




ParaDyme is the most advanced automated steering system in the field. The patented dual-antenna roof module allows operators to steer with sub-inch accuracy, reducing input costs and fatigue while increasing accuracy.

  • High accuracy hands-free automatic steering.
  • Dual-antenna system featuring Logic7D technology providing sub-inch vehicle steering.
  • Tracks pitch, roll and yaw at all times with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.
  • Request help through INTEGRA or EDGE display for in-field technical support, allowing dealer service technicians to make adjustments to the system remotely.
  • Complete setup with the INTEGRA or EDGE display.
  • Position and heading known at all times, even when not moving.
  • Rapid line acquisition, without the need for a wheel angle sensor – in forward or reverse.
  • Full steering system calibration with simple three-step Auto Calibration process.
  • Guidance patterns include straight AB, A+, Identical Curve, Adaptive Curve, Pivot and SmartPath™ (2010 release).
  • Transfer ParaDyme system from one piece of equipment to another quickly and without tools.
  • Built in cell modem for CORS network support.
  • Provides GPS accuracy using corrections via WAAS/EGNOS, OmniStar XP/HP and RTK.


Geo Steer

Geo Steer is the all new automated steering system designed for farmers looking for sub-inch repeatable accuracy.

  • Ideal for planting, tillage, and other field operations
  • Very affordable setup
  • Similar features as the Paradyme
  • Integrates with both the INTEGRA and VERA displays
  • Capable of running on WAAS, OmniSTAR, RTK, CORS, or a Base