Management Zone Sampling

Our Management Zone sampling creates zones from multiple layers of information, including past yield, soil types, topography, growers knowledge of the field, and other available data. Each field's maps are put in a fertility book, along with printouts for each nutrient tested that explains some characteristics of that nutrient and how it reacts in the soil. Most importantly, we lay no claim to your data so you can share it with other agronomists or cooperatives that you choose to work with. Some sample maps are displayed below.

Benefits of working with Precision Management...

  • All sampling programs and packages can be customized to fit your operation's needs.
  • Ability for you to have samples analyzed by whichever soil lab you prefer.
  • Very efficient turn-around time.
  • Personal working relationship. You will feel as if we are an employee of yours.
  • Quality of work done in the field. We truly understand how important it is to take effective samples. We sample all fields as if they are our own.
  • Quality of our maps & reports. We present the data in a format that is easy read and understand.
  • Option for you to have all maps, reports, and data files posted in your account online. This means you can log on anytime, from anywhere to see your data.
  • We can do everything from sampling the field to making a VRT spread file for virtually any controller on the market.
  • Above all, we want to see your operation be successful. Our success depends on yours.

How a field is sampled by Management Zones...

Soil sampling a field by management zones requires creating the zones ahead of time in the office before heading to the field. By using the field's soil types, topography, previous fertility program and previous yield data, we are able to create effective management zones that match each field's production characteristics. From each zone (shown below), we take a composite sample of 12-15 soil cores which make up 1 sample. Once we receive the results back from the laboratory, we map the results using GIS software and work with you to come up with recommendations that suit your fertility program. If needed, we can also put together a variable rate file for any type of applicator.