Other Services

We have many services that will help your farming operation run smooth and efficiently.

Aerial Imaging

NDVI Aerial Imaging is a new service we will be offering during the upcoming season. This is a relatively new concept in the precision farming area, but you will start to see and hear about it much more frequently.

Stalk Nitrate

The end-of-season cornstalk test is a new tool for evaluating nitrogen management practices used in any corn field in any year. The test is most valuable when used on fields that show no visual signs of N deficiency. It's strongly recommended for manured corn fields.

Crop Scouting

As pests continue to become more threatening in crop production, an effective crop scouting program can eliminate some risks associated with yield loss due to unwanted pests.

Tissue Testing

Plant tissue analysis in combination with soil test information is the recommended approach for diagnosing nutrient deficiencies and determining fertilizer requirements.