After seeing the potential and the future of precision agriculture, Bryan bought some GPS equipment and software in 2000 and began doing some GPS soil testing and VRT maps on his family's farm, as well as for some friends and neighbors in his spare time while he attended college. Over the next few years, he spent a lot of spare time analyzing both the information he had gathered, as well as other businesses that offered these types of services. Bryan felt there were many businesses that could take soil samples or collect yield data and print a map, but that was as far as anyone was taking the data. He could see a need for someone that could effectively mine down through the data and create value from it. Essentially someone who could put two and two together.


The old office was located off mainstreet of Bancroft, Iowa. Bryan and Ben worked in the the small office for around three years until he decided to build an office and warehouse to accommodate the growing business. Construction began on the office in Spring of 2007 and took around a year to complete. It is located along the Highway 169 in Bancroft. 



Where it all began... Bryan's college apartment.