PrecisionProfits Program

More than Just Pretty Maps...

Have you been collecting a lot of yield and fertility information but not utilizing it to its full potential? If your answer is yes, this program is for you. There is no reason for you to spend thousands of dollars on yield monitors and other GPS equipment if you cannot utilize the data that is collected to improve your operation. When Precision Management was started, we were surprised at the lack of resources available to utilize GPS information, but knew there was a huge wealth of benefits just waited to be tapped. There were several businesses that could print off yield maps, grid sample maps, VRT maps and so on, but that was as far as anyone was capable of taking the information.

For this reason, we developed a program which we call "PrecisionProfits." PrecisionProfits is an advanced farm record-keeping and data layering tool that we built in house and is exclusive to our business. It helps customers glean valuable knowledge from there GPS information by not only providing useful maps and reports from field operations, but also the ability to query a large database of crop production information and find relationships between yield and variables. It points out what your eyes cannot, and brings meaning to precision farming information. It allows clients to benchmark their operation anonymously with others and gives them a significant edge in determining inputs and where improvements can be made. It can act as a complete record keeping system, from soil sampling to VRT files, input tracking to yield analysis, and everything in between.

We currently have many thousands of Northern Iowa and Southern Minnesota acres enrolled in the program. We are very excited about the future of this program and what precision agriculture will hold in store for crop production.

What it is...

PrecisionProfits is an advanced analytical tool that allows clients to query through their personal or a large anonymous database of crop production information and look for relationships between yield and variables such as hybrid vs. soil type, fertility vs. yield and many others. It brings meaning to precision farming practices, and allows clients to benchmark their operations vs. others. It gives customers a significant edge in determining inputs...everything from hybrids/varieties to fertilizers.      

How it works...

Soil Testing. Fertility is a very important layer of information for a well balanced database. We require all fields in the program to be GPS soil tested. 2.5 acre grids, soil types, or management zones are all candidates for a sampling method. We do not believe that there is a single right or wrong sampling method, as it is dependent on the field in question. Grids may be the best option in one field, while management zones or soil types may be the best for another. We are always willing to help a client determine what is best for them.  

Proper Data Collection. To determine how various inputs or operations are affecting production, all field inputs and operations need to be accurately recorded. What, when, and where are very important pieces of information to document. This can be achieved by using one of multiple data collection devices, such as a yield monitor, PDA, tablet PC, or a laptop that are connected to GPS.  For the not so technology savvy clients, we also offer a manual record keeping option and we transfer the data to electronic form at our office. However, split planter operations, side by side check strips, or other detailed on-farm trials becomes very difficult without using some type of collection device. 

GPS yield data is also a very important part of the program, and must be collected. Although we are an AgLeader dealer, we can process any brand of yield monitor data. It is very important to have accurately calibrated monitors, and we assist clients in this process.

Turning the information into valuable reports is the reason for collecting all of the data. Clients have the option to narrow the analysis all the way down to strictly one of their fields, or include the entire anonymous data pool. No client in the system will know whose data belongs to who, and we have spent many resources on developing the program around keeping anonymous data anonymous. It is not required that clients allow their data to be included in the data pool, but they will not have access to it if they do not allow their data to be included. All maps, reports, and other relevant information can be accessed via this website by a secure log-in and password.


A few example reports... 


                                 How does your farm compare?                   Community Yield by Hybrid



                                Is your soil at it's potential?                           Community Side by Side Trials




                                Community Yield by RM Range                        Community Yield by Traits




                                                                        Yield by Hybrid by Soil Type