Variable Rate Technology

We have the software to create Variable Rate Application files for virtually any controller on the market.


Some Beneficial Uses...

  • Apply more or less commercial fertilizer to parts of a field according to fertility. If we think back to when farmers began to use fertilizer, many times it has been a "blanket" application of fertilizer across the entire field for years upon years. Since soil types directly affect the yield of our crops, yields will always vary across the field. Since higher yielding crops consume more nutrients than lower yielding crops, in most cases, our years of blanket spreading has not put enough nutrients back into some of the high yielding soils. It is very common to see the highest yielding areas of a field test the lowest in fertility, and hilltops and lower producing areas higher in fertility. This goes back to the fact that we have been "blanket" spreading, and not applying enough fertilizers to our higher yielding soils. Lower yielding soils do not consume as many nutrients, which is why we see hilltops high in fertility, especially phosphorus, because it has been applied at a rate higher than the crops have been removing. Click HERE for a real example of this. Many times, you will use the same amount of fertilizer as you would spreading a maintenance, you are simply putting more where you need it and less where you don't.
  • Apply Starter Fertilizer only on soils that will benefit. It is proven that starter fertilizer will rarely be beneficial on some soil types, and the majority of the time, be beneficial on lower, heavier soils, especially soils with a high pH. There is no reason to waste the time and money to apply starter to soils that will see no benefits.
  • Apply soil applied herbicides according to soil types. Soil texture and organic matter directly affect the reactions of soil applied herbicides in the soil. For this reason, you may be over-applying on some soil types, which is not only wasting money, but may harm the following crop. Under-applying on other soils with higher organic matter may not get effective weed control.
  • Lime Applications. Since pH varies greatly across a field, it is very beneficial to have a field soil tested prior to lime applications. Applying a "blanket" rate of lime across an entire field can be expensive, and you may even be hurting yourself in some parts of the field that does not require lime.
  • Applying products to select areas. Ammonium Sulfate, for example, can benefit you in a high pH by releasing some of the phosphates that are "tied up" due to high pH.
  • Variable Apply Nitrogen based on organic matter, soil types, management zones, or to balance out nitrogen credits from dry fertilizer applications
  • Variable Rate Seeding population to match soil types
  • Many other uses...

Below are a couple examples of VRT application of DAP fertilizer.